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Below are accumulated resources regarding the frac sand industry in Wisconsin

1. More Frac Sand Materials Now Available

(7/8/14) WTA recently co-hosted Frac Sand workshops and those materials are now available by clicking on them below. Separately, the Center for Land Use Education also recently hosted a webinar on frac sand and they now have a link to that webinar plus additional materials as also described below:

Wisconsin DNR's Role in Regulating Industrial Sand Mining
Co-hosted by: WTA, Wisconsin League of Municipalities, Wisconsin Counties Association & WDNR

Resources Summary
1 Air Management / Permitting
2 Stormwater / Wastewater
3 High Capacity Wells / Groundwater
4 Wetlands / Mitigation
5 Green Tier
6 Endangered / Threatened Species
7 Karner Blue Butterfly
8 Municipal Authorities Discussion


Center for Land Use Education Webinar on Frac Sand Mining June 18, 2014

On June 18, 2014 the Center for Land Use Education hosted a webinar providing four different perspectives on industrial sand mining in Wisconsin. Two presenters provided information from their experiences monitoring air quality issues. Here is the link to the UW-Stevens Point page where the link to the Webinar can be found as well as other materials when you scroll down to the "Mining" heading:


We encourage you to link to this webinar to view it and its slides.

2. Phase 1 Study of Economic Benefits and Costs of Frac Sand Mining in West Central Wisconsin:

(5/21/13) The Phase I Study of Economic Benefits and Costs of Frac Sand Mining in West Central Wisconsin prepared for the Wisconsin Farmers Union, Wisconsin Towns Association and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy is now available if you CLICK HERE.

This Study provides a two-page Executive Summary following the title page on what should be considered when frac sand mining operations are proposed for a local community as to the benefits and costs. A two-page list of questions for local officials to ask before approving an expansion of frac sand operations is also provided. This report is Phase I of the Study, which is intended to be an additional tool to the other material prepared in late 2011 and early 2012 for workshops held on frac sand mining. These other materials including sample ordinances and agreements are also posted on this website on the frac sand page under the Education tab across the top of the website.

3. Mining in Wisconsin Panel (Frac Sand)

Panelists discuss various elements of the frac sand mining industry now in Wisconsin. Click on the title above for a link to the YouTube video. This was part of the Monroe County "Exploring Regional Economic Opportunities" conference on February 23, 2012 at Three Bears Lodge in Warrens, WI. CLICK HERE for a copy of the materials that WTA Atty. Lee Turonie used in his segment of the presentation. The other panelists are state geologist Bruce A Brown, of the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, Thomas Woletz of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Karl Green of the La Crosse County UW-Extension.

4. Presentation Materials from 2011 WTA Convention Presentation

CLICK HERE for a copy of the mining presentation given by Geologist Bruce A. Brown of the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey at the 64th Annual WTA Convention.

5. Presentation Materials from January 2012 Frac Sand Workshops

Workshop Materials are posted below, click on each item to see it. Packet Instructions (overall materials list)

Right side of folder:
1. Agenda
2. Harnisch Local Government Guide Table of Contents
3. Harnisch Local Government Guide
4. DNR Handout
5. DOR powerpoint re: taxation assessment
6. Bruce Stelzner Power Point
7. Chippewa County Preferred Road Use Agreement
8. WI Transportation Bulletin on Highway Weight Limits
9. Rules Petition on crystalline silica
10. Presenters and Resources

Left side of folder:
1. Toolbox for Towns Table of Contents: Handouts
2. Sand Mine Poster
3. Bedrock mining map
4. Bedrock stratographic column map
5. McCurdy Powerpoint - Frac Sand Processing - Why & Where
6. Resolution for town to adopt village powers
7. Sample Moratorium Ordinance Memorandum on Moratorium Authority for Towns
8. Town of Howard Ordinance - Addendum to Howard Ordinance (other resources)
9. Key Paragraph for Licensing Ordinance
10. Town of Howard Developers Agreement
11. Town of Howard Blasting Ordinance
12. Sample Citation Authority Ordinance
13. Sample Resolution to Establish Fees and Forfeitures
14. Ericheck Study
15. Link to Hite Study
16. WI Open Meetings Law Summary
17. Avoiding a Common Violation of Open Meetings Law
18-19. Sample Form for recording minutes while in closed session & Motion to go into closed session
20. Town Ethics Ordinance
17. Citizens Guide to Standards of Conduct for Local Officials
18. Mitigating Private Interests v. Public Duties