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Board of Review

WTA provides Board of Review (BOR) training to its members during its state-wide series of District Meetings held over the latter half of winter in even-numbered years.  The legal requirement is that at least one voting member of BOR has satisfied the training requirement within the 2 years prior to the BOR's first meeting in a given year.  Wis. Stat. s. 70.46(4).

File Electronic Affidavit of Training
WI Dept. of Revenue page with link to the affidavit that needs to be filed that your town has met the training standard.

BOR The Basics
A document providing a basic overview of BOR.

BOR Chairperson's Script
A detailed overview of what the Chairperson of BOR does.

BOR Clerk's Script
A detailed overview of what the Clerk of BOR does.

BOR Assessor's Script
A detailed overview of what the Assessor of BOR does.

BOR Findings of Fact, Determinations and Decision
A sample form referenced in the scripts and helpful to BOR.

Hierarchy of Best Evidence Charts

Guide for Board of Review Members
WI Dept. of Revenue publication with detailed overview and sample forms.

Board of Review: Options for Training
WI Dept. of Revenue page listing links to possible training solutions.

Mock Board of Review Video
UW-Extension Local Government Center

     Note:  view video online of mock Board of Review hearings.